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The Somerset Hall of Fame was established in 2022 to celebrate those in our County who have made long-term (over 15 years) significant contributions to our sport. It is intended to recognise, honour and preserve the accomplishments of individuals or groups, who through their achievements, service and character, have enriched the history of Netball.

Help us celebrate our fabulous netball community by nominating someone you know who goes that extra mile,  who goes above and beyond for our game. 

Nominations can be made from June to August each season with inductees being announced at the start of the new season. 

Please nominate your volunteers using the form - Hall of Fame nomination form

Mollie and Colin (Vice Presidents)

Following the birth of their first child in 1966, Mollie assisted with starting a Keep Fit club at Sydenham Community Centre. They soon changed to playing netball and hence Sydenham Netball Club was founded.

The club joined the Somerset County League in 1967/68 and after making this decision, Mollie returned home and dumped a rule book into Colin’s lap telling him he was umpiring that week at the opening rally - a baptism of fire!.

When Colin became a youth leader at the Bridgwater YMCA, both Mollie and Colin quickly set up the YMCA Netball Club, later to be merged with the Bridgwater NC.

Mollie and Colin both passed their Provisional and Intermediate Umpiring Award. Colin went on a acoaching course at Loughborough in the early 70’s where he gained the Intermediate Coaching Award. Although there were a few men coaching netball at that time Colin is believed to be the first male to gain this award.

Mollie played netball at club and County level, mainly as GS.  She also managed the County teams, organising fixtures and away trips as well as umpiring. Colin also umpired and coached regularly at club and County level.

Both have held many club and County committee positions over the years, finally retiring soon after Mollie’s 50th birthday in 1989.

Mel Reynolds (Vice President)

Mel has always played netball, from primary through secondary school, Under 21s and Somerset County League. A couple of years after leaving school, she became a member of Tangier Netball Club (later to become Wyvern NC) in Taunton for many years, playing in Team Jays with her Sister and is now playing with another of her long time teammates at Walking Netball.  She achieved her Preliminary Umpiring Award (now C Award) and her B Award whilst at this Club, she later moved to Taunton NC.

She has held many committee roles at Somerset County and Club levels including;  Fixtures and Umpiring Secretary; Junior Manager; Chair; Secretary; Fixtures and Membership Secretary and Regional Rep. 

 Mel said "Netball has been a wonderful sport for me and I have built up great friendships across the County and Region.  I am delighted that I played with my sister for a good many years.  I have also played with my daughter and hopefully, at some point, I will be able to play with one of my granddaughters, who are already participating and enjoying the game."

Mavis Thorp (President)

Her first association with the County setup was as a player for 2nds and 1sts from 1977 to 1984.  In 1996 she achieved her B Award for officiating. Friday night trips to Norwich and York and a wonderful ferry trip to the Isle of Wight which stick in her memory.

She became a C award umpire assessor in 1990 and has been a member of the Somerset County Officiating sub-committee for several years.  She was County Secretary for one year (1979/80) and has served two periods as County Chair. Since stepping down she has continued to serve on the Executive Committee.  She received a Netball SW Regional Volunteer’s Award in 2012. 

Mavis said "If I’m allowed to mention any one person, it would have to be Mr. Thorpe, for caring for our children when they were small, which allowed me to become so involved."